What Tools are Used to Execute Remote Trials?

Article By Samantha Trolli IN Clinical Trials - 29th April, 2022

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        The world of research has come a long way since the first decentralized clinical trial was conducted in 2011 by Pfizer; “Research on Electronic Monitoring of OAB Treatment Experience (REMOTE). ” Since then, the research community has had to learn how to utilize technologies that allow for remote trials. Pfizer’s study was conducted through the usage of mobile devices and online technologies. These two outlets are now the foundation of remote clinical trials today.
        There are two main components to conducting a decentralized clinical trial; E-consent forms and E-questionaires. E-consent forms are digital tools that are used to receive informed consent from a potential participant. They are signed electronically and can be presented in many ways, such as; video, audio recordings, video callings, and a typed format. It is important to note that once a participant decides to be apart of a clinical trial, they should always expect to complete a consent form, whether it is online or in-person. E-questionaires are presented in a similar fashion as E-consent forms, they can range from a video calling to an online website; both allow the participant to answer questions on their phone or computer. Here are some of the benefits to remote forms:
  1. The ability to configure multiple languages, which allows the researchers to broaden their demographic and promote diversity within their studies.
  2. Promotes a virtual experience for participants/subjects.
  3. Improves overall participant access due to the removal of obstacles we often see with in-person trials.
  4. Speeds up the starting process of clinical trials, which improves productivity.
  5. Offers a better participant experience, allowing them to consent and participate in a clinical trial from their own home.
       Infiuss health has joined the mission to provide the researcher with an easy to use platform that allows them to create essential forms for conducting clinical trials remotely. Infiuss also focuses on finding the researcher potential participants for their study. Online forms are needed to execute a remote clinical trials. Being so, it is important to us at Infiuss that the creation of these forms is efficient and intuitive. Find out more by contacting Infiuss Health, https://infiuss.com/contact

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