The importance of medical research

Article By Samantha Trolli IN Clinical Trials - 1st June, 2022

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      Every treatment, intervention, medication, way of care, and aftercare in the medical field or health care system came from new discoveries. This high quality of care we are able to experience today was not discovered overnight, but rather through years of effort by medical professionals who investigated the causes, preventions, and treatments of diseases. This type of investigation is known as medical/health research. The general definition of research is, an investigation that is intentionally designed to help develop or contribute to knowledge. 

     When you add a medical purpose to research the general definition stays the same, but the goal becomes more specific. Ultimately, the goal shifts to a focus on increasing medical knowledge, improving patient care, developing new medicines or procedures, and enhancing the already existing medicines and procedures. Some common aims for medical/health focused research are: 
                          1. Diagnosing diseases and health issues
                          2. Preventions of disease 
                          3. Improved aftercare 
                          4. Reduction of transmission 
                          5. Treatments for illnesses 
                          6. Improved survival rates

       You now know what medical research is, but what about the importance of it? As already mentioned, our foundation of care today has been developed only because of medical research. So without this type of focus in research, our health care wouldn’t be what it is. Research is essential to find out what treatments work best, and more specifically what treatments work best for what patient. By being specific with participant requirements, medical professionals are able to study how certain cohorts of people react to certain treatments. An example of this can be seen here at Infiuss, where we focus on the demographic of Africa, to ensure people are receiving care that is effective for them.  

      The simple fact is that clinical research improves our lives. It leads to significant discoveries, improves health care, and ensures that patients receive the best care possible. It is what makes the development of new medicines and treatments possible, without it we would not be able to move forward in the development of medicine. When you support, participate, or conduct medical research, you are helping to continue to build the future of medicine. 

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