What are the benefits of a remote platform for Clinical Trials?

Article By Aleena Maryal IN Clinical Trials - 30th March, 2022

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People are always looking for Remote opportunities, whether it comes to School, Work, Research, or any sort of thing. Remote just makes everything much easier. Especially when it comes to clinical trials. Remote clinical trials create opportunities to reach audiences that you may not have easy access to.
How is the Remote platform advantageous for your clinical trials?

  • Work from the comfort of your own place 
    • For someone who is conducting a clinical trial for their research, there’s no need to travel to the site to do your work. Easily access and connect with your team online.
  • Remote monitoring and quicker updates 
    • Get faster information on how participants are doing, which helps you to work efficiently and test out new ideas.
  • E-consent 
    • There’s no need for physical signatures. E-consent is a better and easier way for participants to sign off any waivers and forms needed.
  • Potentially save cost 
    • With no cost of traveling far for most of the team, it saves you more time and money.
  • Everything you need is available electronically 
    • Easy access to participant’s contact information, observations, research findings, data collection and so much more.
  • Remote clinical trials are changing the game 
    • As technology has advanced there are more remote clinical trials happening all over the world. More people are attracted to this idea and shifting away from in-person clinical trials due to their convenience of it.
Infiuss Health, a remote platform for clinical trials, plays a great role in giving you all these benefits. If you need participants from Africa to take part in your clinical trials and research study, this is a perfect place to start. You may not have the sources and team to find these participants, but you can rely on Infiuss to help and support you until the end of your research. They provide you with the tools necessary to perform your trials from any part of the world. Finding you the right participants, research site, primary investigators and so much more. You can easily access your data and findings all in one convenient place with top security.

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We care about your data, find out more in our privacy policy