What is a decentralized clinical trial?

Article By Samantha Trolli IN Clinical Trials - 15th April, 2022

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Clinical trials have always been known to be executed in medical facilities. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020, much devastation occurred. The pandemic put a pause on many operations, including clinical trials. Clinical researchers needed to find a way to continue. This was done so by implementing a new upcoming way of research, decentralized clinical trials; Decentralized clinical trials are also referred to as DCT’s. The purpose of a DCT is to remove in-person contact between the study team and the patients/subjects. 
The benefits of DCT’s, are as listed:
  • Eliminating travel costs, distance, and extreme weather.
  • Avoiding absences of work for the participants/subjects.
  • Removing mobility challenges for the participants/subjects.
  • Increasing the demographic of participants/subjects.

One can see why the pandemic gave rise to a personalized and convenient form of research. Infiuss is joining the research revolution by utilizing the internet's ability to remove these obstacles to clinical trials (check out our blog: What Are The Benefits Of A Remote Platform For Clinical Trials?) Our goal is to promote the creation of DCT’s by providing a platform that allows access to create and participate in DCT’s. 

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We care about your data, find out more in our privacy policy