Patient Recruitment for Clinical Research

Find vetted, ready-to-enroll participants for your clinical study.

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We Solve Clinical Research Recruitment Challenges

Patient access, recruitment, engagement and retention pose significant clinical research challenges. We help you solve these with access to patient populations and best-in-class recruitment and patient retention strategies.

Access to our Active Patient Referral Registry

Gain access to our vast network of ready-to-enroll patients.

Connecting Participants to Research Sites

We connect patients to hundreds of localized investigational sites, clinics, and central laboratories.

Clinical Research Support

Experience the support of experienced clinical research coordinators. Services include patient enrollment, e-consent, the establishment of inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the implementation of engagement and retention strategies. See why Infiuss Health is considered the top clinical research patient recruitment company.

Infiuss Health

Clinical results are not improving.

Statistics don’t lie. Serious retention and recruitment challenges plague clinical studies.


of sites currently under-enroll patients

We provide all the patients required to make the study a success


of clinical research fail to enroll a single patient

We provide patient recruitment solutions to clients


is the average dropout rate of patients from studies

We work actively with patients and clients to minimize this possibility.


of clinical research fail to retain enough patients

We guarantee optimal retainership

It’s Time for Better Patient Recruitment Strategies

After examining the real-world evidence and outcomes research, we decided to offer a better approach to recruitment for clinical research. One that improves patient participation, enhances the patient experience and offers market access to US and European organizations seeking to conduct clinical research.

Who are we and what do we represent?

We take care of all clinical research processes so you don’t have to. From the visit to the website to the online registration, and through navigating the platform, we aim to make the experience as effortless as possible.

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A diverse pool of research participants.

Infiuss Health has a growing registry of over 21,000 patients with known indications, who are willing to participate in research studies.


Patient Recruitment FAQ

Everything you need to know about the finding the participant and the service we offer. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our team.

What is Probe?

Probe is our decentralized clinical research platform that combines everything you need to carry out your research study remotely.

What support do you provide?

Our patient recruitment and retention service gives our clients increased access to target patient populations along with shortened cycle times.

We have clinical research professionals with global training and local expertise that can perform all aspects of clinical research management, depending on your needs:
- regulatory affairs and ethics submissions
- patient identification
- patient engagement initiatives
- site initiation
- site monitoring
- clinical operations management

We also provide real-time participant data and predictive analytics that include study completion, enrollment, and retention.

What is a participant recruitment plan?

A patient recruitment plan is a stated strategy for recruiting patients into a proposed clinical research, broken down into subtopics such as research into the target patient population, eligible patient identification, patient outreach and distribution of recruitment materials, and other recruitment processes.

When you work with INFIUSS Health, we handle these aspects for you. Consider us your patient recruitment plan.

How much does it cost to recruit a patient for a clinical research?

Research shows that the average clinical research patient costs several thousand dollars to recruit. Our clients pay significantly less than this for clinical research participants.

If you’re interested in finding patients to participate in your clinical research, get started here.

How are you different from other recruitment vendors?

In addition to having expertise in recruiting clinical research participants, we balance patient advocacy with serving our clients. Our patient-centric approach gives us an astounding 95% retention rate. We optimize patient care all along the patient journey, and it shows in the low churn rate of our clients’ studies.

Do you have more questions?

We are always available and would love to answer any questions.

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