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Probe enables clinical research. Everything you need in a CTMS, nothing you don’t.

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What is Probe ?

Probe gives you a comprehensive research management system, including the following capabilities.

Connect with research participants.
Manage your research data, and also gain access to our curated datasets.
Ensure compliance, including monitoring, auditing, and reporting.
Study Development
Electronic Data Capture
Regulatory Compliance
Participant Management
Randomization and Blinding
Data Monitoring and Safety Reporting
Analytics and Reporting
Audit Trails and Documentation
Mobile Access
Training and Support
Study Development

Probe streamlines the process of designing, planning, and managing clinical studies.

Protocol Development

Create detailed study protocols, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and scientific best practices.

Participant Recruitment

Probe facilitates participant recruitment, including targeted advertising and prescreening tools to identify eligible candidates.

Study visit scheduling

Coordinate study visits, appointments, and procedures, optimizing participant engagement and reducing administrative burden.

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