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Advancing Health, Transforming Lives

Infiuss Health democratizes remote access to patients and participants for your clinical research studies across Africa. We provide a direct-to-patient web-based technology platform that seamlessly recruits the right participants for your research study.

Clinical Trials

Powering remote clinical trials across Africa.

Infiuss is making the promise of bringing clinical research and trials to hundreds of millions of Africans by connecting patients and participants Through direct-to patient approach our goal is to decentralize trials through a unified platform.

By giving remote access to patient screening, recruitment, engagement, e-consent, and follow up, we provide investigators with more time to focus on what matters and provide a seamless experience the the patients and participants.

At Infiuss, we believe that people from all communities can play a role in research, be reached faster, and stay engaged if they are giving the proper information and tools they need as they navigate health and disease.

The problem today



Sponsors take months to reach recruitment goals for trial studies. We cut this down to a matter of hours and provide sponsors with high precision tools to get the targeted patients/participants they Need.



Africans only make up 3% of participants in global clinical trials. Although they are the most diverse population on earth. This leads to Drug efficacy variations observed among African patients and also makes researchers miss out on the huge data lost by excluding this population.


Lack of Transparency and Accountability

Medical research is shrouded in secrecy and as a result, this deters people from volunteering to take part. We provide digital tools that enable participants get access to the right information, informed consent and the right to know what happens to their data.

We are changing this by

Making Virtual recruitment the New reality

We work with partners to identify the target populations, sites and diverse participants for the studies or research being carried out. We then deploy tools to remotely recruit these participants from pre-screening, engagement, consent, follow up and feedback. The participant is able to do all this remotely.

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Patient Engagement and Follow up

We provide participants with tools to improve engagement and retention. This reduces churn and provide the investigators with long lasting participants to see studies to completion. Increase patient engagement & reduce burden with eConsent, TeleVisit, support.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Bring the trial to your patient, providing convenience, ease of engagement, remote access, and total security. In-home patient monitoring ensures patients are safe while reducing overall patient burden through fewer site visits.

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Our Promise

The mission and promise of Infiuss

To our Patients

Our core focus is making the clinical trial experience better for patients — we use a decentralized approach to conducting research that puts patients first.

By using tele-medicine and mobile device technology in our model, including our INFIUSS app, we aim to remove geographical, cultural barriers and make it easier for patients to participate in research regardless of where they live.

To our Partners

INFIUSS aims to continue expanding into new therapeutic areas and introduce these research studies to a much broader swath of the African population.

Including those with limited access to major medical facilities where clinical trials are typically offered.