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Launch your clinical study. Benefit from a combination of clinical study execution services that combine years of on-the-ground expertise and advanced technology solutions to help you successfully access the world's most diverse populations.

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Your Gateway to Clinical Research.

We can connect you with participants, sites, and other clinical trial services. Whether you need specimen collection, consulting on regulatory issues, or site feasibility studies, Infiuss can help.

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Your end-to-end platform for clinical research.

Our powerful technology platform provides everything you need for clinical trial management. Trusted by over 4,000 users, our Probe portal offers a full solution for medical and scientific clinical research.

We offer solutions from Phase 1 to phase 4 studies, decentralized clinical trial solutions, and academic surveys.

Advanced analytics and transparency

Get access to real-world data from a myriad of trusted data sources (DDC, devices, EHRs labs, and patient communities).

Connect with diverse patient populations

Quickly and easily connect with a vast pool of potential participants across the world’s most genetically-diverse continent.

Monitor progress in real time

Track the progress of your clinical trial as it unfolds. Follow the data and stay up to date on outcomes as they develop.

Implement multiple studies concurrently

Increase your rate of scientific findings by building multiple complex forms that gather data online and off-line all at once.

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